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Storytime with Santa

Storytime with Santa!

Once upon a time …
All the little children gathered around Santa. They were so excited to hear about Santa’s new Storytime Saturday at McCurdy’s Farm.

The children laughed and giggled the whole way to the farm. They were so excited to ride a wagon, drink some hot chocolate, pick a tree, and meet Santa all in one day. The little boys and girls sat so nicely and listened to Santa tell his story so he gave them a special gift bag to take home — and a Wish List, too!

But that’s not The End of the story.
There’s lots of fun around the farm, so stay and play.

As we all know, Santa is very busy this time of the year so he will be holding Storytime Saturday at McCurdy’s Farm on December 12 at 10am, 11am, 12 and 1pm.

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