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Farm Policies & Safety

McCurdy’s Farm wants you to make the best of your visit with us, but more importantly we want you to be safe, responsible and courteous to our business. We are a year round working farm and do our best to serve our costomers in every aspect.

A couple of things to remember while adventuring on McCurdy’s Farm. No alchohole on the premises at anytime. No unleashed pets. No climbing or sitting on any equipment. Lastly, we do ask that you supervise your children at all times. As a full time working farm we are always using equipment and machinery. Thank you for your understanding and helping us remain a safe and friendly farm.

Be Safe. Be Responsible. Have Fun!

We are committed to keeping your family, our family, and our employees safe.

There remains an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present, and we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed. Regular sanitizing, access to sanitizer and hand washing, and daily health checks of our employees are just some of the precautions we are taking.

We are not responsible for any injury, sickness, or damages as a result of entering or participating in any of the experiences on the farm. By voluntarily visiting our facility, you assume all risks.

Our Promise

  • We will continue to do our very best with sanitation with all our employees and staff.
  • All staff will complete daily health screenings before starting work.
  • We will regularly sanitize all saws and contact surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer or hand washing stations will be available throughout the farm.
  • Any person with underlying medical conditions or who are immune compromised should NOT ATTEND.
  • Our employees are required to wear face covering’s.
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